What Is Bhastrika Pranayama ? Its Meaning , Technique & Benefits

Meaning : Bhastrika means bellows , air is forcibly drawn in & out as if using of bellows. In all other types of pranayama inhalation sets the pace , the pattern & rhythm for exhalation , but in Bhastrika exhalation sets the force & the pace. Here both out & in-beating are vigorous & forceful. The sound is like that made by a blacksmith’s bellows.

According to 60 & 61 shloka of second chapter of Hath Yoga Pardipika, “ Sit in Padamasana & keeping the body straight , closing the mouth carefully , let the air be expelled through the nose. It should be filled up to the lotus of the heart , by drawing it in with force , making noise & touching the throat , the chest & the head”.

Detailed Technique : Sit in any comfortable meditative pose . Hold the head & spine erect, close the eyes & relax. Breath rapidly 20 times through both the nostrils.

Inhale deeply , retain the breath & perform Jalandharbandha or Mool Band ha. After a comfortable period release the Band's & breath out. This is one round . Practice 3 seconds. This is the end of the complete practice of Backstroke(Bhastrika).

Precautions : A feeling of faintness or perspiration indicates the practice is being performed incorrectly. Avoid violent respiration , facial contraction & excessive shaking of body. Relax during the practice & rest after each round. It should be done slowly for the first few weeks. Increase the speed of respiration gradually as the lungs becomes strong.

Benefits of Backstroke(Bhastrika) : Purify the lungs of unwanted gases germs. Excellent for asthma , tuberculosis & diseases related with lungs. It removes inflammation of the throat as well as any accumulation of phlegm. Induces peace & tranquility of mind & removes anxiety. It cures thyroid, tonsils and other throat problems.


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