What is Hermaphrodites?

A hermaphrodite is term uses for human being which is born with male & female organs simultaneously. They are born with ovary & testicular tissue & this could be taken as two gonads or it could be a combination of both the organ in one. Hermaphrodites have three labels which are True, Male Pseudo & Female Pseudo.

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The genitalia can differ from a male or female, either in combination or it couls also look ambiguous. The XX chromosome is referred as female, XY chromosome referred as male, XX/ XY as Mosaic or XO referred as extremely rare. The XX chromosomes which possess female genitalia are bought up as females & some have also given birth. Similarly, XY with male genitalia are bought up as males & few of them have children who have fathers.

Infants who born with XX chromosomes have female genitalia & infants who are born with XY chromosomes have male genitalia. But the infants born with XO chromosomes have ambiguous genitalia have to undergo a lot of medical tests. These tests are done to allocate them to the respective sex they belong.

Once they have assigned the sex they are advised to go through a surgery so that they can start looking more of the sex they belong to an early stage. The cause of Hermaphrodites is not yet found. Medical experts said that it is a very rare condition. There are not so many cases of it which shows that not many people have this condition.


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