Relieving tightness of body with Yoga Mudra

The seated Yoga Mudra pose is useful for relieving the tightness of the muscles of the body. this pose stretch the muscles of neck , upper back & the shoulders. After purification of body with asanas Mudras are practiced in advanced Sadhana. Yoga Mudra enlighten the one’s inner feeling & it connects mind with the heart & makes up the flow of blood in the brain.

How to do The seated Yoga Mudra : Sit in Padamasana. Keep the neck & waist erect. Extend the arms behind the back. Grasp the left wrist with the right. Close the left thumb inside the fist. Chest may be stretched forward.

Inhaling ,stretch the body upward & then exhaling , bend the head & trunk forward & downward from the hip-joint very slowly over the heels & finally rest the forehead gently on the ground.

Breath normally & maintain this posture comfortably for a while. Inhaling & stretching the hands & back forward a little & revert back. Take rest.

Benefits of the seated Yoga Mudra : When the abdominal intestines do not function properly , they develop knots & start contracting. All these disorders are rectified by this Mudra. All the disorders of liver , such as lack of blood supply & swelling etc. are cured.

All the parts of urinary system are toned up & their functional capability also improved. It also arrests the enlargement of the prostrate glands. It helps to straighten rounded back & shoulder bones.

On account of the pressure of the heels on the groins & the pelvic region the spine become flexible. It eliminates excess of fat from the lower abdomen & waist line. The stretching of arms improves the blood circulation in these areas.

Constipation is caused when the process of contraction & expansion of large intestines comes to stop. Yoga Mudra tones up the digestive power & thereby removes constipation. Excretory system functions properly.


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