Get Rid of Vaginal Odor through home remedies

Vaginal odor or Bacterial vaginosis affects many women but this disease is not a sexually transmitted disease because only women are affected by it. Bacterial vaginosis is a bacterial infection of the vagina. Normally in a healthy vagina there are bacteria as well but these form part of the regular flora of the vagina & don’t harm the women any way.

One of these bacteria that reside in the vagina is called lactobacillus. This is a peroxide creating bacteria & by the action of this bacteria which keeps other more harmful bacteria under check. Things start getting wrong when the bacterial population is disturbed. This is due to many reasons like too many sexual encounters with different sexual partners, sharing towels and undergarments, introduction from one’s own clothing & even from using any sexual aid that has not been hygienically kept or that has been shared.

When the new bacteria take hold in the vagina, the first infection is manifested by a fishy odor. Slowly shows signs like colored discharge, skin irritation & itching around the vaginal areas. To confirm the presence of this condition there are elaborate series of tests that can be done. The doctor can prescribe a treatment regime that includes gels that realign the acid balance in the vagina. Antibiotics are also prescribed to reduce & eliminate the bacterial population & creams are also prescribed to relieve skin irritation.

Home remedies for Vaginal Ordor : Home remedies can be used along with the treatment & not in isolation of traditional medical practices. The two main remedies that can be use are tea tree oil & milk. Tea tree oil is very powerful antimicrobial remedy and has been used for hundreds of years as a traditional cure for many ailments. The main benefit of tea tree oil is that it is capable of killing off populations of bacteria and fungi. This is important to avoid during your treatment period. Tea tree oil is available in the form of gels, which can be applied to vaginal region.

Milk is also a remedy to consider because of the presence of lactobacilli in it. Some experts believe that a tampon dipped in milk and inserted into the vagina is of great help. If this is too painful then a milk bath or a dip in a tub of milk for an hour would also be of help. So along with medication these home remedies are useful for getting relief from this problem.


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