Reduce heart attack risk with tea!

Every body has habit of tea. Can you imagine by taking three cups of tea a day can reduce the risk of heart attack? A new study has claimed a link between coronary heart disease & the tea. The beverage could even have anti-cancer properties, a review of previous research suggests. The studies found tea may be a useful addition to an anti-cancer diet.

Some of these, which highlighted the effectiveness of naturally occurring compounds known as flavonoids in combating heart attack are analyzed by Dr. Carrie Ruxton , a member of the Tea Advisory Panel. It is found that men who took more than two cups of tea had a 21% reduced chance of heart attack.

Women who took more than three cups a day had 32% lower risk of blocked arteries is found by French researchers. Taking at least three cups of tea can reduced the risk of heart attack by up to 70%.

It is thought that tea flavonoids could be involved in controlling inflammation, reducing thrombosis, promoting blood vessel function and helping to limit furring up of the arteries. But they are not sure about the exact mechanism working behind it. Tea may be a favorite for every one & the same way it also has health benefits too. Tea can be helpful as addition to an anti-cancer diet.

Dr. Carrie Ruxton said, “This area of research is very exciting for the future. We also found solid evidence of tea helping to boost cognitive function and reduce stress, probably related to tea's modest caffeine content.”, “Some interesting research on the role of tea flavonoids in helping to combat certain neurological conditions is emerging.”

Tea is most consumes drink after the water. By seeing the benefits of tea do not take gallon of tea to get real improvement just three or four cups a day are enough. It is proved with various studies that there are very powerful ingredients in tea that can play a hugely important role in protecting the body from some serious & potentially fatal conditions. The scientific community is learning more and more about tea and its health properties.


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