Myositis, an autoimmune disease affects muscles!

Meaning : Myositis is a general term for inflammation of the muscles. Many such conditions are considered likely to be caused by autoimmune conditions, rather than directly due to infection. Myositis is a debilitation & harrowing autoimmune disease that can affect the muscle by causing calcification of the muscles & the skin and nervous system as well. An autoimmune disorder is a disorder where the immune system fails to distinguish between good & bad parts of the body.

In myositis autoimmunity causes the immune system to attack the parts of the body where there is no problem. In normal functioning, the immune system will only mount an autoimmune response on its own tissues in the cases of tumors or mutation during cell division & thereby, keeping cancers at bay. However, a disorder can cause the body to turn on itself, as is the case in myositis.

Symptoms of Myositis : A wide range of symptoms including calcification of muscle, skin rashes that are purple & atrophy of the muscles. Many other odd but connected symptoms include dysphagia, tenderness of the muscles, fatigue, intestinal ulcers & even problems in the lungs. The only myositis that is not caused by an autoimmune response is pyomyositis, which is caused by bacteria from the staphylococcus group & begins with trauma to the muscle.

Treatment of Myositis : Because it is an autoimmune disorder, the only way to treat this disease is by the use of corticosteroids & immunosuppressant drugs. While treating inflammations, two types of anti-inflammatory drugs are used that are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs & steroid based drugs. Corticosteroids are much more potent & required for reduction of the inflammation. After a certain point in the treatment, corticosteroids might stop working.

In those situations where corticosteroids stop working then this, immunosuppressant drugs have to be employed to combat the illness. Immunosuppressant therapy is also becoming popular in correcting an immune system that has gone bad. Other methods of treatment that follow include physiotherapy for muscular atrophy.

Myositis a disease that one has to live with & since the treatment itself could cause an entire host of problems to arise & other infections to take root. It requires a lot of counseling to come to terms with the disease.


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