Vaginitis, an enemy of women’s health!

Many young girls may sometimes observe white or yellow strain on their underwear during the stage of puberty. The fluid leaks from vagina helps to moisten & clean it. The girls who are in puberty stage are considered to be healthy if the discharge from vagina does not provide any sort of smell. The discharge should be cloudy white. Many women may suffer from vaginal infections whether they are sexually active or not.

Several women are may not be aware about bacterial vaginosis, very few might be aware of yeast infection. Girls who are puberty stage can use liner if that discharge annoys them. They can protect from it by keeping their vagina dry. They should avoid using spray or deodorized panty liner in the vaginal area. Change in the vaginal discharge is a sign of vaginal infection.

Vaginal infections include trichomoniasis, bacterial vaginosis & yeast infections. An infection in cervix with Chlamydia & gonorrhea would cause vaginal discharge. Vaginal infection symptoms include vaginal burning, pain during sexual intercourse, vaginal itching & vaginal odor. Some times there may not seen any of these symptoms. It is better to go for regular checkups to prevent vaginal infection.

The women who have relations with more than one person, they are likely to be infected with Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD). Many women may also suffer from STD if their partners have relations with other women. Women may suffer from more than one type of vaginal infection. Each vaginal infection is to be treated with care.

Women should not hide anything from their health care provider so that he can prescribe the best treatment. Women should use mild soap to clean vagina, should not douche. It will worsen the vaginal infection & make the treatment more complicated. Vaginal infection can spread to reproductive areas also.


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