Antioxidants help to prevent photo-aging

Most diet programs tell you what food to eat & may be which exercises to do & then they stop there. You should understand that your relationship with food is complex & that what you eat & how much can have a lot to do with other facets in your life, such as time, emotions , stress & many more possible influence.

There have been some interesting clinical studies about food for health skin. Some had to do with acne, but many of them had to do with delaying or reversing ageing signs. Things change, but what remains is we are what we eat. It turns out that food for healthy skin are the ones that healthcare professionals, fitness experts & body builders have been suggesting for years, because they are full of nutrients.

These nutrients are proteins, fibers, antioxidants, vitamins & minerals. Also they are low in calories & saturated fat. Fish, particularly salmon, is rich in protein & omega -3 fatty acids, which are polyunsaturated & good for the heart, joints, brain, immune system & skin. You have to be careful about how often you eat consume, because of mercury & PCB contamination.

Fruits & vegetables, green tea & dark chocolate, ginger& other spices contain different antioxidants. Antioxidants help to prevent something that scientist’s call photo-ageing- a fancy word for sun damage. During exposure to sunlight, the level of free radicals within your skin’s layer rise, depleting your level of naturally occurring antioxidants.

In addition, older people have fewer naturally occurring antioxidants & large amount of free radicals. So, your goal should be to increase your skin’s antioxidant status. You can do that by eating antioxidant-rich food & applying antioxidants directly. Several studies have revealed that an antioxidant called coenzyme is particularly beneficial for repairing sun–damaged skin.

If you start eating the best foods for healthy skin, it could take long before you see a difference. This is because several studies have looked at the benefits of oral supplements, such as fish oil, Soya protein & antioxidants. Moreover, it took a minimum of three months for visible change. There is nothing wrong with being patient, but any natural health expert will tell you that you should treat skin problems from the inside out & out side in.


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