Causes of breast feeding problem

For a new born baby the most essential life saving thing is mother’s milk. Breast feeding is essential for the infants for the few weeks particularly after birth. But many mothers face challenges while breastfeeding as it needs patience & care. The breastfeeding are commonly found these days in most of the new mothers because of various problems faced by women. Here are explained some common problems faced by mothers that are usually observed on first few weeks after the child’s birth.

1. Engorgement problem : It is the common problem , where the breast may swell because of excess milk production. After child’s birth, due to the excess amount of milk produced, this problem may appear within seven days. Due to engorgement, severe pain may be felt in the breasts & the breasts may be rigid & warm because of this problem. The better solution for this problem is to remove the excess milk stored in the breasts. Soft breasts will be easy for the babies to latch the milk rather than rigid breasts. Hence the engorgement problems will be hindering for the babies to latch milk effectively.

2. Sore & cracked nipples : If your baby is not sucking the milk properly, then it can lead to your having sore nipples. In addition, not positioning your baby properly while breastfeeding him is another common cause of sore nipples. Thus, you must take care of these things to avoid being troubled by the problem of sore & cracked nipples.

3. Due to Mastitis : Mastitis is the problem where the breasts may become red, tender & swollen due to infections. Flu like symptoms & fever may be felt by women infected by this problem. Such women will have to consult a doctor & take prescribed antibiotics. Breast Feeding should be continued to avoid any other further complications for the mother.

4. Lumps in breast : There are also many women who complain of tender breasts that pain during the breastfeeding process. This can be due to ducts & lumps in the breast. You should avoid wearing tight bras to prevent this problem. In addition, massage your sore area and use warm compression to naturally dissolve the lumps and decrease the pain associated with lumps in the breast.

5. Pierced nipples : Though pierced nipples do not disturb the process of milk production they may cause inconvenience to the child while he is feeding. In some cases, a scar tissue is formed because of this piercing which may interrupt the flow of the breast milk. Leakage of the milk form the pierced holes is also seen in some cases.

When the babies face problem in latching milk, some women go for weaning solution. With weaning, the milk can be extracted in a bottle and then can be fed for the babies. Weaning will not be a trouble if it is done gradually. By weaning, engorgement & milk clogging problems can be solved & better relief can be felt.


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