Prevent you from die in a car accident

Car crash can do fatal to the body. The injuries from car accidents can be absolutely brutal. Some injuries are so overwhelming that they look like a bad horror movie. Many people are would be alive today if they had worn their seat belts. Seat belts work because they keep drivers & passengers in their vehicles. Moreover seat belts provide safety from push backward as well as forward.

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Wear Seat belts with shoulder harness : If you wear a seat belt without the shoulder harness, for example, you’re in danger of life-threatening internal injuries. Many people had seen who were almost cut in half by the lap belt because they didn’t use the shoulder harness. And if a seat back is reclined, the restraint becomes much less effective, if not useless.

Air bags provide protection : Air bags save lives, too. Safety experts recommend that seats should be moved back as far as possible to allow air bags to offer the best protection and cushioning when they deploy.

Don’t stop car on the side of a motorway : Often, car accident victims are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Never, ever stop your car on the side of a motorway. In many cases in which drivers did this to fix a flat tire & were rear-ended & killed. If something goes wrong with your car, don’t pull over until you can get to off-road parking, a side-street or petrol station.

Keep your windows closed : Always close the windows of your car. And if not closed, then roll the windows all the way down. Windows rolled halfway down can cause the most traumatic injuries if you get partially thrown from your car. Anything unrestrained in your car can become a dangerous missile, whether it’s shopping, sports equipment or anything else.

The most dangerous hours to be on the road are Friday night & Saturday night between 12am. To 3am. Make sure to stay off the road then.


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