Primitive home spun tips for body ailments

Many people still believe that home spun tips are greatly helpful for curing many health related problems. They follow grandma recipes to cure their recurring health problem. Here are explained some tested grandma techniques from your cooking area that can help to get rid of many diseases & at the same time prevent you from many kinds of infections. The froth or fact of these depends upon users.

Unhealthy to consume milk & seafood together : many people believe that milk product & seafood should not be consumed together as they can discolored blotches on the skin. But this might be wrong because many people consume curd fish on regular basis in the areas of Bengal. White blotches occur in people who suffer from poor functioning melanin pigment & not from particular combination of food.

Cooking soda has great healing property : It has a great healing property & it is a multipurpose item. Soda is quite effective when made slurry with water & applied on a bee sting. Moreover soda helps combat tartar deposition on the teeth enamel. So if you want save some extra bucks by going to dentist for clean up then go with some soda n a toothbrush & scrubbing your teeth will give you good result.

Some spices having health properties : Many oldies suggest ginger for flu & motion sickness which is right. One can try the mixture of lemon squeeze & salted ginger to treat indigestion. Some people also use turmeric to treat colds & wounds. Some use raw potato peels a potent healer of scalds. Sore throat can be treated with hot salt water gargle or pinch of potassium permanganate added to it. Even in extreme colds the age old honey brandy mix is given to young children in small amount to protect them from cold.

Benefits of onions : Many people consider onion to avert the chances of one from getting drunk which is true. Onion can be used to help a fainted person to gain consciousness due to its smelling salt like effect that shakes the system into consciousness. The fact that many use it to treat eye stye or is known to cause fever if kept in raw form under the armpits is totally false. Onion juice mix with salt is also helps the person suffering from vomit problem.


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