How to stay in shape with Sexexercise?

People try various things for keeping their body in good shape like treadmills, Atkins diet & long walks. But all went in vain. Now the fitness experts come up with a new idea for staying in shape & you need not to cot out various things from your diet, which is indulging in plenty of sex, also called sexercise. It makes you slimmer.

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The combination of sex & fitness is an ideal one, because sex helps to get a person fit & being fit, a person wants to have more sex. The good combination of both sex & fitness offers a person many health related benefits like improved blood circulation which strengths heart, helps to change the person’s bad cholesterol known as LDL to good cholesterol known as HDL, helps to maintain proper weight, provides good sleep & great amount of energy & also give longer & better quality life.

Women, in particular, feel more attractive with sexual fitness, since they produce more estrogen, according to Fox News. During the sexual activity the skin pores of both partners got cleansed due to sweating. The couples feel sexier than ever. Dr.Yvonne KristĂ­n Fulbright, a sex educator explained that thirty minute sex session burns 15-350 calories, depending on how physically active the person is. This is the equivalent of calories burned during a half an hour of brisk walking, weight lifting & running he also told that longer sex sessions five times per week can burn up to 1,650 calories.

The person can easily get distracted with all of sex’s delights. The goal should be to make it burn. But with passing weeks the person can notice improvement in the tone & strength of his stomach, legs, arms, buttock & back. The person can’t take sexercise for granted that it won’t be boring like in the same way with his treadmill. So the person should be creative also in sexercise, to reap more benefits out of it.After working up a good sweat, the person has to hit the shower.


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