How to cure insomnia through Shithilasan?

Shithilasan : The very name reveals its quality. The usefulness of this asan is suggested by its very name. it is indeed a miracle that in this asan the entire body experiences a feeling of relief & relaxation. One great quality of this asan is that after regular practice it is done effortlessly.

When a person achieves perfection by constant practice in any kind of work, the work itself appears so easy to be done. Sone such feeling of satisfaction is experienced in this asan. It helps greatly in curing the problem of insomnia.

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Detailed technique of Shithilasan : Lie flat on the abdomen at full length. Resting the right ear on the ground, stretch straight the right arm & left leg. Forefingers of the right foot should also be straight. Now fold the left foot at ninety degree.Bring the heel of the left foot in close touch with the right knee.

Left hand palm may be placed in front of the face equidistant to the upper arm. Both shoulders should be so much relaxed as to enable the lungs to touch the ground. Breathing normally, stay on this posture for some times & repeat the same process from the other side also.

The point of concentration in this posture should be inhaling & exhaling of breath.

Benefits of doing Shithilasan : This yoga posture is panacea for those who suffer from insomnia. This posture gives you complete relief from fatigue. It also tones up energy for the practice of next asanas. It helps to normalize the irregularities of blood pressure. All asans relating to abdomen must be followed by Shithilasan from either side.


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