How To Cure Asthma Through Yoga

An essentials par of Yogic management is restoration of depleted & blocked pranic channels. This is achieved gradually by the combined influence of Yogasana, Pranayama & shatkriyas. These should learned during a residential stay in an ashram & practiced with determination. In this way, cure of asthma in the shortest time, with the minimal amount of suffering will be attained.

It is not possible to attain relief or cure in an asthmatic, in which constipation remains, it is first necessary to remove constipation & to increase digestive heat in the body. The following practices relieve constipation from the bowels, lungs & mind.

1. Surya Namaskara: perform it slowly and with breath awareness, practice up to seven rounds each morning at sunrise. The steps are shown above.

2. Asanas : Those whose body is stiff should first practice the Pawanmuktaasana. Konaasana,Dhanurasana,Makarasana,Gomukhasana,Sarvangasana,Matsyasana,
etc.These asanas help to reshape the chest , improve posture ,strengthen the spinal column,promote the flow of inhibited & blocked nervous energy, & rebalance & restore the whole body.

3. Pranayama : Nadi shodhana develops awareness & control over the inflowing & out flowing breath. Bhastrika , with both kumbhaka & jalandhara bandha , strengthen the lungs & develop respiratory Cepacity.With regular practice of pranayama, the Asthmatic learns to be more & more aware of His breath, & automatically, he also Becomes more aware of his thoughts, feelings & mental states.

4. Shatkriyas: These are the most important part of the therapy. Warm saline water is profoundly effective in dissolving & removing thickness accumulated mucus wastes from the nasal mucus membrane. Neti & Kunjal should be performed each morning before any other sadhana. By practicing kunjal kriya an acute attack of asthma can be terminated & threatened attack can be Averted by directing the buildup of nervous energy that is causing the attack, towards expelling the water from the stomach. Neti kriya removes obstruction from the nasal passage, facilitates nasal breathing & averts the allergic responses Mediated through the nasal mucus membrane.

5. Relaxation: Yoga Nidra provides an effective means for defusing an acute attack of asthma. It is also useful In inducing the state of mental relaxation in which yogic self analysis can occur. This will enable the asthmatic to become familiar with his estranged breathing process.

6. Meditation : Ajpa japa , ascending & descending the consciousness in frontal psychic passageway from navel to throat in conjunction with mantra Soham. The practice slows & releases the breath, allowing the deeper subconscious Psychic factor which initiate & underline asthma to surface. It is essential part of asthma cure.

7. Diet: simple, nourishing, no stimulating foods, including plenty of fresh fruits & lightly cooked vegetable, Particularly greens. Take whole meal grains & pulses in places eggs & meats. Mucus producing foods such as rice, sweets, dairy products & refined flour products should be completely avoided. All chemically treated processed, Flavored & preserved foods, as well as any foods which are known to initiate an Allergic reaction should be strictly avoided. Heating spices such as chilli, pepper, Garlic & ginger are advised, especially in colder months when the
Kapha (the mucus element) increases in the body.


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