Initial Recovery From Slipped Disc

Slipped disc , with or without accompanying sciatica , demands immediate immobilization on a hard bed. Absolute bed rest is necessary while the ruptured disc heals & inflammation subsides. In the first few days, relief from pain can be gained by applying alternating hot & cold packs over the tender ,inflamed ares. Aspirin & muscle relaxant may also be given.

It is important that the spine be kept immobilized as far as possible , as total rest is the quickest route to recovery. No attempt should be made to walk or leave the bed for any reason. The sufferer should rest in a quiet room with minimum disturbance until healing is completed. Meals should be brought to the bed and for toilet purpose a bedpan should be available.

This regime allows healing to take place in ten to fourteen days. However occasionally, months are required for a severe injury. Yoga speeds up recovery if practise correctly.


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