Yogic Management of Piles - Hemorroids

Piles are commonly excised surgically by a variety of simple procedures, which give at least temporary relief from the condition.
Yogic therapy offers an effective alternative & anyone who suffers from piles & is considering an operation , is advised to first apply yogic therapy for one month. during this period ,many cases will disappear & surgery often proves unnecessary.

The first step in yogic management is to correct any underlying tendency to constipation. Without this fundamental Restoration of normal function , little hope of relief from piles can be entertained. Yoga program for management of Piles are

1. Asanas : Pawanmuktasana ,Bhujangasana , Ardh shalabhasana ,Paschimottanasana , Sarvagasana , Halasana ,Vajrasana , Shashkasana , SuptVajrasana , Padamasana ,Yoga Mudra. Sit in Vajrasana for 10 minutes after each meal.

2. Pranyama : Nadi shodhana pranyama with Jalandharbandh & moola bandh , anter & bahir Kumbhaka.

3. Ashwani Mudra : anal contraction & relaxation , 50times , also Moolshodhana 50 times.

4. Karma Yoga :
Performance of some simple task in a noncompetitive environment , e.g. carpentry , gardening for few hours , are excellent prescription for a formerly very tense desk work. Karma Yoga brings mental release , relaxation & creative expression.

5. Diet : Initially a diet of fruit & milk only is highly recommended to promote healing. Alternatively , a light liquid diet of vegetable broth , khicreri , milk & bland fruit is accepted. at all costs ,spicy & heavy foods , smoking & alcohol should be avoided.


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