Slipped Disc And Sciatica

Slipped disc & Sciatica are two painful ,closely related condition occurring most commonly in the lower (lumber) region of the back ,usually due to excessive straining while bending forward.

Anatomy of Slipped disc & Sciatica : The human spinal column consist of 33 individual bones ,termed vertebrae, stacked one on top of the other & supported by the thick & powerful spinal muscle.

The spinal disc are cushion-like , fluid-filled pads lying in between each pair of vertebrae.
These discs act as shock absorbers, preserving the brain , spinal cord & internal organ from jarring & damage as we walk. These are filled with a thick jelly-like fluid & are held in position by string ligament attached to the margins of the disc & to the bony vertebrae.

Sciatica : Refers to a Sharp , lightening-like pain which shoots down the back of the leg. It occurs if the herniating material from a rep turned lumber spinal disc impinges on the delicate nerve roots emerging from the lower three lumber & first two sacral segment of the spinal column which converge to form the sciatic nerve.
The sciatic nerves run down the back of each leg , supplying the skin & muscles of the back of the thighs ,calves & soles.This is why sciatic pain may be experienced in the buttock , thigh or calf ,even through the root of the problem lies in the lower back region. In response to this pain the muscles of the back of the leg go into a tight spasm , especially if the sufferer continues to walk , because each step stretches & further irritate the injured nerve roots.


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