What are the causes of Constipation

A number of factor have combined to place modern man & woman in this predicament. Constipation has become an accepted way of life for many people today. Because of poor community education about basic health laws, they are unknowingly tolerating a degree of constipation for months & years

1. Sedentary Lifestyle: Constipation most commonly occur in those who sit at an office desk all day. this leads to muscular stiffness , joint flexibility , circulatory stagnation & blockage of pranic energy flow in the body.

2.Lack of Proper Exercise : Many People today are either too busy , lazy or preoccupied to enjoy even a few minutes walk or exercise in their daily routine. They become averse to it. As a result their muscles become weak & flabby,circulation become slow &irregular & digestive & eliminate function slowly stagnate.

3.Poor Dietary Habits : The quality of whatever enters the body via mouth surely plays a decisive role in the quantity of the wastes expelled from the other end of digestive tract. a diet which contain insufficient bulk or fiber in the form of whole grains , fruit & fresh vegetables , inevitably leads to infrequent & difficult passage of small , hard stool.

The modern diet , based upon meat , eggs ,oils , fats ,cheese , milk & refined starch product such as bread & cakes , has little bulk but excessive protein , it takes a lot of energy in digestion , & proves very constipating & heavy especially in hot climates it proves most unacceptable.

4.Toilet Position : The modern commode style toilet position for bowel evacuation is not the optimal one. It contribute to constipation by inhibiting the full relaxation of the lower colon & pelvic muscles. The best toilet position is the natural crouching or squatting , pose which allows full expression of the expulsive ,apana , providing more complete bowel evacuation.

5. Mental Constipation : constipation is not only physical condition ; it is also a state of mind. A person whose thinking & lifestyle are uninspired , listless & non creative is a frequent sufferer from sluggish digestion & constipation. Student & people of intellectual temperament & occupation often complain of chronic constipation & bowel sluggishness.


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