What are Reasons of Slipped Disc

Slipped disc occurs where excessive strain is brought to bear upon the lower back region , causing one of these disc to rupture & tear. As a result the jelly like fluid inside protrudes outward & may impinge on a nerve root.The most common sites of this painful & immobilizing injury are in the lower back.

The injury most commonly occurs while bending forward with the knees straight to shift a weight from the floor or while shovelling. It can also occur simply when releasing the clutch pedal while driving a car.

This painful & immobilizing injury usually occurs when a person with weak spinal muscle & ligaments due to a sedentary lifestyle , applies an excessive strain to his back. The onset of slipped disc is usually sudden & immediate.Something is felt to Go Or Tear in the lower back followed by a sharp ,well localized ,low back pain which may be agonizing.

The protective covering of the spinal muscles rapidly goes into tight spasm to prevent further painful movement of the area ,& the delicate pain fibers supplying the torn disc & its ligaments becomes increasingly irritated. The whole area becomes inflamed , swollen & very tender


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