What is Piles - Hemorrhoid & Causes of Piles

This is a painful & troublesome condition in which one or more rectal veins become dilated & distended , prolapsing through the anal opening ,especially at the time of defection. This causes pain , bleeding & mucus discharge. As a result the drainage of blood from the anal area become stagnant & the veins become dilated & engorged with blood. Bleeding is precipitated by irritation when the hard stool are passed.

Natural History

Because of pain upon straining , the sufferer often avoids defecation , thus becoming even more constipated & worsening the condition. After defecation , the piles can usually be manually replaced , at least in the earlier stages. Later on , this become increasingly difficult. Loss of blood is usually not severe but may be sufficient to render the sufferer slightly anaemic , especially if it is chronic.


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