Yogic Management of Constipation

Even the most difficult & long standing cases of constipation will be relieved by practising Yoga techniques & taking a sensible diet & plenty of fluids.

1.Surya Namaskara : Practise up to 12 rounds each morning at sunrise.

2.Asanas : Pawanmuktasana ,crow walking , Trikonasana ,all forward bending asanas & backward bending asanas , the Vajrasana , Halasana ,Tadasana ,Kati chakrasana , bhujangasana ,Matsyasana ,Ardha Matsyendrasana ,Mayurasana. Sit in Vajrasana for 10 minutes after each meal.

3. Pranayama : Bhastrika with kumbhaka & maha bandha , Surya bheda pranayama should be practised , 10 rounds.

4. Mudras & Bndhas : Pashinee mudra , Yoga mudra ,Uddiyan badha, maha bandh.

5. Shatkriyas : Agisar kriya , Nauli , Basti & Moola shodhana . Laghoo shankhaprakshalana should be practised each morning for upto 10 days ,then twice weekly.

6. Diet : Elimainate starch from your daily diet & substitute fruits , vegetables ,lots of salad & bean sprout , whole grain & dried fruits such as figs & prunes . Drink plenty of fluids , including fresh fruit juices which provide water in its purest form. Reduce intake of salt.


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