Circulatory Aspect Of Mudras & Bands on Human Body

The Mudra & Bands as the name imply with them also regulate the blood & Pranic flow towards the bodily organs at the will of the practitioner. The blood circulation towards head region is increased by Vipritkarni Mudra & the easy return of venous blood flow is caused by this practice from the lower extremities to remove the fatigue of legs & throw out waste products effectively from the abdominal & leg region efficiently.

The practice of Uddayanband , Moolabandh , Shaktichalini Mudra , Vijroli Mudra , jalandharbanhd Mudra improves the quality & quantity of blood flow towards abdominal area , reproductive organs(pelvic region) , abdominal & pelvic regions , Neck region respectively.
The practice of Vipritkarni increases the blood pressure whereas the practice of Jalandharbandh helps to regulate the blood pressure by affecting the carotid sinus.


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