Cleansing of Brain & Shine on face through Kapalbhati Pranayama

Meaning : Kapal means brain & bhati means to shine, brightness or glow. By the practice of Kapalbhati pranayama the skull region is cleansed & it provide natural glow & shine on the face. Kapalbhati pranayama is different that from the bhastrika pranayama while in Bhastrika brething in & out are done with equal force & pace but that in Kapalbhati the breathing out is done with full force & the air goes in automatically while throwing out the same. Breathing out process is done with full concentration. Kapalbhati pranayama strengthens all chakra of the body like Swadishthan chakra , Mooladhar chakra & Manipur chakra.

Detailed Technique : Sit in any meditative pose , both hands to be placed on both the thighs. Breath out the air with full force ,but not harshly. Air goes in automatically while throwing out the air. Breathing out process is done with full concentration, this contracts & expands the stomach.

In the beginning this should be practiced for 5 minutes & gradually increase its time. While practising this pranayama the practitioner should think that he is throwing all the the deformities of the body along with the air. The practitioner should think that all his diseases are getting relieved while throwing the breath out.

Precautions to be Taken : The persons having any type of abdominal surgery should avoid this pranayama. Woman who are in the advanced stages of pregnancy should avoid it.

The patient of hypertension should practice it very slowly without any force. In beginning it should be practised only for 2 to 3 minutes , if any type of giddiness feeling occurred, lay down in Shavasana.

Benefits Of Kapalbhati Pranayama : It is cured for all types of diseases some of major benefits are as It cleans the skull region & provide natural glow & brightness on the face. This useful for diseases related with heart, lungs & abdominal region. This useful in all Kapha related diseases like Asthma & Allergy etc.

This useful in obesity problem & helpful for shedding extra fat. By the practice of it the mind becomes stable, calm and cheerful & it removes negative conditions and depression etc. It also useful for constipation & gastric disorders & improves the digestive system.

It is useful for urinary system & helpful for curing problems related with kidneys & urinary tract & also for prostrate problems. It is helpful for opening the heart blockages & all problems related with circulatory system. It is helpful for curing problems related with reproductive system both men & women. It is useful for curing Diabetes & helps the liver to function properly.


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