Cure Of Slipped Disc Through Yoga

The basic yogic practices for slipped disc & sciatica are the backward bending Asana which strengthening the posterior ligaments & muscles holding the disc in position & promote the flow of blood into lower spinal region. Backward bending asanas should be practised to capacity ,gradually increasing the time of practice each day in order to restore spinal stability & regain a full range of back movement.

In this way normal activities can be gradually readopted , while surgical intervention usually proves unnecessary.

1. Asanas Program : In the acute stage of immobilization pain , a prone posture on a hard bed should be adopted. Resting in Makrasana for long period reduces strain upon the disc & emerging nerve roots providing relief of pain & promoting healing. Sleeping in advasana & Jyestikasana is recommended. Matsya Kridasana with the affected leg drawn up to the chest to relieve tension upon the damaged nerve roots , will bring relief.
As healing proceeds & pain diminishes , the first asana to be adopted is the simplified version of Bhujangasana know as sphinx.Once the sphinx has been mastered the following asanas can be gradually adopted in this order : Ardha shalabhasana , Sarpasana , Saral Dhanurasana ,bhujangasana ,Shalabhasana ,Vajrasana , Ushtrasana , Meru Vakrasna , Ultimately the program should be practised fully each morning. Each asana should be practised a maximum of 5 times & should be followed by complete relaxation.

2. Relaxation : Each session should conclude with dep relaxation for 15 to 20 minutes in advasana. Later on ,shavasana can be adopted , & the longer practice of Yoga Nidra can be introduced.
Avoi all forward bending asanas for at least 6 months as these can precipitate a recurrence of the original condition. Throughout the recovery period , the cross legged sitting posture should be avoided. Pranayama & meditation in Vajrasana are recommended.

3. Ajapa Japa : Movement of breath awareness in the spinal passage from moolabandha chakra in tail bone up to ajna chakra at the top of the spinal column is beneficial & effective in all spinal disorders ,particularly in slipped disc. Ajapa Japa can be practised as frequently & for as long as desired as it speeds healing & brings deep mental & physical relaxation.

4. Dietary Recommendations : At the outset a light ,semi liquid diet should be adopted. Vegetable soup is ideal. Khicheri (pulse boiled together with rice or wheat) is also recommended. This conserve vital energy , redirecting it towards the important healing process.It will also prevent constipation which often proves a major problem for bedridden patients.
As the condition improves rice , pulses & vegetables can be added & also wholemeal bred. Heavy , constipated foods such as meat , cheese & oily preparation are contra-indicated. Dairy products should be avoided as extra protein is not required during recovery period.


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