How Breast Feeding ? An Essential for A New Born Baby

For a new born baby the most healthiest food is mother’s milk. Mother’s milk has sufficient amount of vitamins , minerals & irons that are required for the growth of new born baby. It also contains antibodies keeping the all types of infection away from the new born & it also makes the immune system strong.

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In modern times many mothers have started to give artificial breast milk to their new born babies which is unhealthy for them. Many actresses & models of films are scared to lose firm breast so they take out the milk from the breast & fill in the fiddlers to feed theirs babies.

According to child specialists this is very unscientific and unhealthy beyond the range of medicos. Many mothers also used artificial milk available in the market . Pesticides , fertilizers & antibiotics all potential contaminants are part of cows milk & so ya used in artificial baby milk. Researchers found dangerous bacteria ,which can cause meningitis & sepsis in formula samples they cultured from many countries.

Breast feeding is best natural birth control as well as child spacer. The chances of getting pregnant while breast feeding are very less during the first six months. It is more effective method of birth control than all other precautions available.

Woman who breast feed reduce their risk of pre-menopausal breast cancer, risk of ovarian cancer, iron deficiency anemia , delay ovulation as a natural means of child & others so many diseases related with women health. Breast feed provides benefits to the mother as well as to her baby.

Breast feeding is good for every part of baby’s body from brain to toe as

Useful for Bowel : it provides less constipation, stool of baby have a less offensive odor.

Useful for Digestive system : Baby’s having breast feed less chances of Diarrhea ,gastrointestinal infections, baby’s having breast feed for regular six months reduces risk of food allergies , ulcerative colitis & other digestive diseases.

Useful for Respiratory system : Studies shows that baby’s having breast feed have fewer severe upper respiratory infections, less pneumonia & less influenza. Mother’s milk helps to make the respiratory system strong & healthy.

Useful for Heart & circulatory system : Studies shows that breast feeding baby’s have lower heart rates as well as lower cholesterol which is useful for healthy heart & circulatory system.

Useful for Immune & Endocrine systems : Mother’s milk helps to mature baby’s own immune system & also decreases the risk of childhood cancer.It also reduces risk of getting diabetes.

Useful for Urinary system : Baby’s having breast feed fewer infection is found in infants with less salt & less protein mother’s milk is easier for kidneys of the baby.

Breast feeding is essential for the baby because it will help your baby to grow stronger mentally and physically. Nothing can be compared with & beats the mother’s milk. It is the best source of nutrients carbohydrates, calories, fats & vitamins.


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