How I come to know about Mudras ?

Mudra is a Sanskrit word derived from “Mud” root verb . It means “to be happy” “Mental Psyche of a person” & a soul. In context of Hathayoga practices ,the word Mudra has been used to achieve the goal of sense of well being (happiness) at physical mental & spiritual level.

Moreover the mudra has been used in the sense of sealing action to control the movement of prana in the human body .Thirdly the Mudra also acts a definite bodily pattern to depict a particular physical mental Psyche of the Yoga practitioner.
In the light of above aims & objectives & meanings the practice of Mudra & Bands affects the psychological process in such a way as to sustain the health of Yoga practitioner for spiritual upliftment.

Endocrinal Aspect : The mudras & bands are mainly concerned to maintain the healthy functioning of endocrine glands. Moreover the glands like Pituitary , Pancreas , Adrenal ,Testes Ovaries , Thyroid , Parathyroid are affected by the practice of one or other Mudra & Bands.
The practice of Vipritkarni Mudra affects the Pancreas adrenal gland to tone up them & reverse the body to increase the blood supply towards Thyroid Parathyroid & Pituitary glands for their efficient functioning. Moreover the Pancreas Testes , Overies , Adrenal glands are also affected by Uddiyan Bands. Mahamudra , Mahabandha & Mahavedha Mudra Etc. these practices tones up the nural control of these glands to utilize the Harmones in the economic way & there by preventing the rarely graying of hairs , whithering of skin , checking of aging process to retain zeal & vigour of the body like a youth.


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