The Camel Pose - Ushtrasana relieves from Back Pain

Meaning : Ushtra means camel. In this asana body attain the structure of camel. This asana is advised for the persons suffering from back pain, spinal aches & spinal disorders. Yoga postures stretch & strengthen the body & tone up all the muscles & make the body more flexible. Yoga is more than just the physical exercise but is also about the life, spiritually & the knowledge. The beginner often feel aches pains fatigue while practicing this asana. After the practice of camel pose you can feel stretch in neck , abdomen , spinal cord & shoulder regions.

Technique of Ushtrasana : Sit in Vajrasana with your feet & knees slightly apart. Stand on your knees & stretch the arms to the sides. Lean backward & put the hands On the heels. Stretch the neck backward & let the weight of the body rest on arms. Bend backward as far as possible & push the pelvis forward. Remain in this pose for sometimes & come back.

Precautions : Persons with cervical spondilitis should avoid this asana. Donot bend with jerk. Arms should remains straight, both knees & feet should be joined. Pregnant women should avoid the practice of this asana. Persons having abdomen surgery should also avoid it.

Benefits of Camel Pose : Extremely beneficial for spinal column , shoulders , neck & legs & good for relieving back pain. Stretch & strengthen the spinal muscles & feed the spinal nerves with blood.

Ushtrasana is good for reproductive system as Will as for the digestive system , because it stretches muscles of intestines & the stomach. This asana is useful for those with drooping shoulders & rounded back & helps to improve their postures.

This asana helps to normalize menstrual cycle & eliminates constipation, & helpful for the problems relating with bowel. It also hels to regulate the secretion of thyroid gland in the neck region.


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