Sheetali Pranyam useful for Heet & Mental Tranquility

Meaning : This pranayama cools the system & hence the name. According to Hath Yoga pradipika , shaloka 57 of second chapter, “ The tongue to be pretended a little out of the lips, when the air is drawn in it is kept confined , as before & then expelled slowly through the nostril.”

In this pranayama the external air is inhaled through a little pretended tongue into the stomach & is kept in stomach for as long as one can , then is exhaled through both the nostrils slowly. To fill air in the stomach is learned slowly & it cures many diseases of the body as well of the mind.The air should be inhaled deeply & slowly to fill the throat region then the belly. It provide mental tranquility & helpful for the practice of meditation.

Detailed Technique : Sit in Padamasana or any meditative pose. Extend the tongue & fold the sides to form a narrow tube. Inhale slowly & deeply through the folded tongue, practice yoga breathing described in the introduction of pranayama. Retain the breath out side & perform Jalandharbandha. After a short time release Jalandharbandha & exhale through nose.

Benefits of Sheetali Pranayama : This pranayama is useful for removing excessive heat from the body & provide coolness to the body. Induces muscular relaxation & mental tranquility. It provide relaxation to the brain removes anxiety.

It also useful, for the the insomnia problem because it is helps to correct functioning of the muscles of the brain. Encourage free flow of prana through the body. It is useful for the patients suffering from hypertension , because it cools the system & helps to decrease high pressure of the blood.

Eliminates thirst & purifies the body, & remove the Vat & Pit dos ha , liver diseases & gastric disorders & also useful in fever of the body. By the practice of this pranayama the practitioner can retain his youth for longer time.


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