To overcome Playfulness of Mind , Bhramari Pranayama

Bhramari means a large black bumble- bee & this pranayama is so called because during exhalation a soft humming sound like that of a bumble bee is made. The best time to perform it is in the silence & quiet of the night. Bhramari may be done in two stages , one lying & one sitting. It is beneficial in case of mental stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, heart disease etc.

According to the 68 shloka of second chapter of Hath Yoga Pradipika, “ By filling the air without making noise like Bhringi(wasp) & expelled it slowly , making noise in the same way ; this practice causes a lot of ecstasy in the mind of yogis”. This pranayama overcomes the playfulness of mind & cures the body & mind from all diseases. When the this practice become rigid the listening power of practitioner also increased & helpful in meditation.

Detailed technique : Sit in a comfortable meditative pose , the spinal cord should be erect & the head straight. Close the eyes & relax the whole body for a short time. Keep the mouth closed throughout the practice.

Inhale deeply through both nostrils. Retain the breath inside & perform Jalandharbandha. After few seconds the band has are to be released. Plug both ears with the index fingers. Keeping the mouth closed , separate the teeth & slowly exhale , producing a long humming sound like a bee.

Exhalation should be slow & steady. Feel the sound vibration in the brain & be conscious of the sound only. This is one round , start with 5 rounds & slowly increase the number.

Precautions to be taken : Do not practice in spine position. Do not strain the lungs in any way.

Benefits Bhramari Pranayama : Relieves cerebral tension , removes anger , anxiety , frustration , reduces blood pressure. Elimination throat ailments , strengthen & improves the voice quality. It also creates awareness of psychic sound(Nada).


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