Infertility Problem & How to Increase chances of getting pregnant

For some couple getting pregnant is just easy but in some it takes time & even medical help also. Infertility is the inability in the couples to conceive even after regular intercourse without using any contraceptive. One of every sixth couple faces infertility problem. Many couples faced problem of regular miscarriage due to this problem.

Factors & Causes of Infertility :

1. Frequency in intercourse : pregnancy is highly depend upon the frequency of intercourse , couples having less intercourse frequency having less chances of conceiving . The chances of fertility in a couple are only 6 in a month.

2. Woman’s Age : with increasing age the fertility decreases & quality of eggs also decreases. After the age of 35 to 40 the fertility decreases in women.

3. Weight of the Body : body weight also play an important role in getting pregnant , women who are overweight or underweight face problems getting pregnant.

4. Regular Smoking : Smoking contributes a lot to the problem of infertility in both men and women. Women who smoke may enter menopause at an early stage while men have diminished sperm.

5. Diet & exercise : Diet is an essential element for the body , manganese increases the performance of estrogen ,as well as deficiency of vitamin D is also associated with infertility. Vitamin D helps in the generation of estrogen in both men and women.

6. Medication : People with low sperm count can be due to undergoing medication for a long period of time . Many medicines have affect on the sperm count & causes infertility both in men & women.

There are certain things that can be practiced to boost of getting pregnant are as

Regular Sex : This thing is mostly ignored by most of the couples because they did not know the importance of regular sex . To get pregnant to have sex around the time of ovulation around 14 days into the menstrual cycle , this is most important factor for the couples having problem of infertility.

Optimum weight for body : Fertility experts told that weight affect of getting pregnant , because it affects the regularity of periods & also inhibit ovulation. Maintain optimum weight for increasing the chances of getting pregnant.

Positioning in Sex : Toni Weschler a public health specialist told that avoiding positions that spill semen after sex is one way of increasing your chances of getting pregnant. To ensure that the sperm gets the chance to swim up the cervix, you must put a pillow under you hip for about 20 minutes so that the cervix is inundated with semen.

Stop Using alcohol & Give up smoking : Research has revealed that women who drink less than 5 units of alcohol a week are twice likely to get pregnant within six months than women who drink ten or more units. A unit of alcohol is about five small glasses of wine. The nutrients that help fertility are destroyed by smoking. Some of these are Vitamin C , selenium and zinc. Smoking increases the amount of toxic substances in your body. These toxins negatively affect pregnancy.

Medicine Recommendation : Taking folic acid supplements three months before trying to get pregnant will reduce the risk of neural baby defects.


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