The Meaning of Padamasana Its Technique & Benifits

Meaning : Among the four asana of meditation Padamasana comes foremost. just of lotus remains in water , but remains above the water level , likewise the practitioner of this asana though living in this world attains the capacity of detachment from the world.

Padma means Lotus a flower
Asana means posture
“ Padmasana means posture like Lotus ”

Requirements : Airy space & carpet.

Technique :

1. Stretch out both legs together , hands by the side of body , palm resting on
ground , fingers together pointing forward.

2. Slowly catch hold the sole of right leg from left hand & ankle from right place
it on left thigh.

3. Similarly catch hold the sole of left leg from right hand & ankle from left.

4. Now place it well on right thigh.

5. Place hands on respective knees in Gyana Mudra . Close eyes or keep nasal or in

6. while returning to original position , first stretch out your left leg.

7. Then stretch out your right leg also.

Limitations :

1. Asana should be done on empty stomach in the morning or at least three hours
after food. Morning time is best for doing Asanas.

2. In the beginning you cannot perform some of the Asanas perfectly. Regular
practice will give perfection. Patience and perseverance, earnestness and
sincerity are needed.

3. Asanas can be practised on the sandy bed of rivers, open airy places and by
seaside also. If you practise them in a room, see that the room is not congested.
You should clean it every day.

4. Spine must remain straight in its final position.

5. After keeping one leg on the other thigh , if other leg can not be placed fully
on the other thigh , do not try to put it forcefully.

6. One must practice Ardha Padamasana before he resort to practice Padamasana.

7. Those who suffer from chronic knee pain should not practice it.

8. Those getting cramp in calf muscles should practice it carefully.

Benefits :

1. Helps in stability of Chitta.

2. legs Becomes string & flexible.

3. Spinal cord & neck becomes straight so breathing process becomes healthy.

4. Helpful in many diseases like back pain , cervical spondylysis , slipped disc&
other problems related to back & leg region.

5. It also removes the deformity's of the stomach & also remove the constipation.

6. This most useful for Meditation.


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