The Meaning of Sarvagasana , Its Technique & Benefits

Meaning : Sarvagasana means the asana which influence the whole body , this is a panacea, a cure-all, a sovereign specific for all diseases. Its reference is not found by its name but It is counted under the name of Viparitkarni.

Technique :

1. Spread a thick blanket on the floor and practise this Asana on the blanket ,take spine position , hands straight by the side of thigh , palm resting on the ground.

2. Slowly raise your legs together without bending it at minty degree angle.

3. Press the hands & bring your legs little towards head that your buttock is raised up.

4. After that support it from the palm of both the hands , place the elbow on the ground making broad base.

5. Raise the legs towards sky raise buttock also , continue the support of your hands . Raise the legs towards sky till the legs , abdomen & chest form a straight line.

6. Chin should be placed against the chest , do not allow the body to shake or move to and fro.

7. When the Asana is over, bring the legs down very slowly with elegance and not with any jerks.
8. Concentrate on the Thyroid gland which lies on the front lower part of the neck.

9. Retain your breath as long as you can do with comfort & slowly exhale through nostril passage.

Remembers :

1. Do not use your hands for giving jerk to raise your body.

2. Judge the limitation of your body .if body get pain or legs are not easily raised then do not force in any way.

3. You can do this Asana twice daily, morning and evening .

Benefits :

1. Thia Asana supplies a large quantity of blood to the roots of spinal nerves, removes the symptoms of immature old age.

2. This Asana keeps the spine quite elastic. Elasticity of the spine means everlasting youth , this Asana which centralises the blood in the spinal column and nourishes it beautifully.

3. Diseases like Dyspepsia , Constipation , Hernia & Viceroptosis can be treated by this Asana.

4. This Asana tones the nerves and awakens Kundalini.

5. This Asana prevents the early ossification of the vertebral bones. Ossification is quick degeneration of bones.

6. A man who practises this Asana can never become lazy even a bit , it keeps your body fresh whole the day.

7. With practice of this Asana the muscles of the abdomen, the rec tic muscles and the muscles of the thigh are also toned and nourished well.

8. This Asana helps to remove obesity , constipation enlargement of liver & diseases relates enlargement of spleen.

9. This Asana helps to checks wet-dreams effectively. It rejuvenates those who have lost their potency.


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