Migraines Relates With Obesity, Its Yogic Management

Migraines is actually occurred form increased obesity , this interesting finding was revealed by US researchers. Fat on belly can increase the developing migraines in most of the people . Anyone who suffers from migraines can tell you how debilitating they can be. People who have excess fat on their belly are three times more likely to suffer from migraines.

According to study by US scholars in comparing women with and without extra belly fat, the women with the extra belly fat were 30% more likely to have migraines , & risk factor of heart disease.

They found that obese people were far more likely to report migraines or severe head aches than people of an average body weight.
Peterlin said in a statement, "These results, while still in the early stages, suggest that losing weight in the stomach area may be beneficial for younger people who experience migraines and especially so for women".

Yoga play an important role for cure of migraines & obesity in all ages of men & women all over the world. In yoga many Asana , Pranayama , Shat kriyas & Meditation are explained for the cure of such diseases. By the practice of various Yoga asanas the extra fat can be shedded from the belly & by the practice of Pranayama & Shatkriyas the migraine can be removed totally. Yoga practice are as

Asanas :

Pavan muktaasana , Gomukhasana , Padahastasana ,Sarvangasana , Halasana ,Ardhamatsyendrasana ,Suptvajrasana ,Vajrasana ,Paschmottanasana ,Bhujangasana ,Padamasana ,Tadasana & Shirshasana. Shishasana is told to be the master of all asanas .These asana are usefull for the removal of extra fat on the belly & other parts of the body . These asanas should be practiced in the morning with empty stomach. No asana should be practiced with jerk , it should be practice according to one’s capacity.

Pranayama :

They play a significant role in curing of migraine pain as well as relaxation to the body. Pranayamas are Nadi Shodhapranayam , Alom Vilompranayama ,Ujjaipranayama , Seetalipranayama , Seetkariipranayama , Bhastrikapranayama , Bhramripranayama & Kapalbhatipranayam., Kapalbhati is useful for the cleanising of the brain & it provide glow on the face.

Shatkriya :

These kriyas can be practiced for the cleaning of external organs likenose ,throat & eyes etc. Shatkriyas are JalNeti , SutraNeti ,Kunjal ,Tratak ,Dhoti kriya Bsti kriya , Nolikriya etc. can be practiced for the migraines pain . These Kriya should be practiced empty stomach in the morning.

Meditation :

After practice of Asanas , Pranayams & shatkriyas sit for Meditation for 15 to 20 minutes . During the meditation keep your mind focus on the centre of your eyebrows & try to forget all thoughts & conflicts from your mind. Just relax your body & mind . Meditation will greatly helpful for migraines. Meditation relax your body as well as the mind & the proper flow of the blood circulation to the body.

Above all you should also take care of your diet . Junk food , oily food , spicy food should be avoided & try not to eat the non vegetarian food like red meat & eggs etc. Try to take simple & satvic food with high nutritional values , take green vegetables & fruits in your daily diet.


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