Nervous Aspect Of Mudras & Bands on Human Body

According to traditional claim of hath yogic text the Madras & bands are mainly concerned to cause the flow of prana from Ida & Pingla to Shusmna nadis. This can only be possible when there is balanced functioning of physical & mental energies of body

; or in other words balanced functioning of sympathetic & parasympathetic nervous system of involuntary autonomic nervous system of human body. The practice of Mudra & Bands cause equal flow of breath from the both the nostrils ie. flow of prana in Sushmna there by depicting the effort to restore the homoeostatic functioning of autonomic nervous system. In this way , these practices help to regulate functioning of involuntary organs like digestive tract , Respiratory organs , Endocrine glands Heart , Kidney etc. These mudras also helps to tone up the functioning of these organs


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