Premature Ejaculation threat for married life , Its Yogic Management

Premature ejaculation is the common problem in men, which is characterized by the too soon ejaculation of the seminal fluid by men during the sexual activity. Premature ejaculation is generally caused by lack of control on the ejaculation during the sexual copulation. Nearly 35% of the men worldwide suffer with premature ejaculation.

There are many medications that guarantee the cure for premature ejaculation, but they do not provide the permanent cure of the premature ejaculation. Yoga, Pranayama & meditation can greatly helpful for premature ejaculation. In yoga many Asanas & Pranayamas are prescribed for the treatment of it .In Ayurveda many medicines are also provided for the premature ejaculation.

Yoga Asans like Ushtrasana(camel pose), Dhanurasana, Matsyasana, Sarvangasana, Halasana , Sirshasana ,Gomukhasana, Garbhasana, Vajrasana, Ardhmatsyendrasana, Shalbhasana etc. helps to strenghten the pelvic muscles & helps the man to control his ejaculation. These Asanas help to regulate the seminal flow of the body & tone up the muscles of pennies & pelvic region. They help the men to withhold the ejaculation for quite a long time during the sexual intercourse.

Pranayama also helps to control the ejaculation process by the practice of pranayamas like Nadi Shodhana, Anulom-Viloma pranayama, Shitali & Sheetkari pranayama, Bharamri pranayama, Kapalbhati & Bhaya pranayama etc. premature ejaculation process can be controlled to a great extent. Shitali & Sheetkari pranayama provide coolness to the body hence regulate the seminal flow. By the regular practice of these pranayama tremendous results have been seen in the patients suffering from premature ejaculation.

By the improvement in daily diet is also useful for premature ejaculation take a balanced diet having full of proteins, vitamins , carbohydrates & minerals which increases the capacity of human body hence able to manage the problem. The massage of the penis with the mustard oil helps the men to withstand for the longer time during the sexual copulation. The massage also relaxes the nerves in the penis, which in turn increases the duration for the ejaculation.

By the practice of Mudras & Bandhas are also very useful for the premature ejaculation. By the practice of Moolabandha , Uddiyanbandha, Jalandharbandha the Dhatu Pushti(nerve-vigour) is gained. By the practice of Yoga Mudra, Viparitkarani, Kheri Mudra & Yoni mudra , the pevic muscles are toned up & they regulate the seminal flow towards right direction , self control & helps premature ejaculation.

Walking for 20 minutes is supposed to be most simple way to overcome the premature ejaculation. Walking enhances the sexual capacity of men govern them to learn the better self control during the sexual encounter. By walking the muscles in the penile region become more robust allowing the men to withhold the ejaculation for quite a long time during the sexual intercourse.

Use stop and start method, this method is one of the easiest methods to prevent the men from premature ejaculation. It is always better to practice this method during the masturbation. In this method, you need to stimulate the penis by rubbing it upside down. As soon as you feel that you are going to ejaculate, control the ejaculation. Try this technique for at least three to five times and then you can ejaculate at the next time. This will certainly help you to gain very good control during the sexual activity and you will notice the effect after about two to three weeks.

Above all practice Meditation for 15 to 20 minutes daily after the practice of Asanas , Pranayamas & Mudras. During the meditation keep your mind focus on the centre of your eyebrows & try to forget all thoughts & conflicts from your mind. Just relax your body & mind. It helps to regulates the seminal flow , self control to withhold the ejaculation for longer time while enjoying sexual inter course.


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