Removal Of Dark Circle & Keep Skin Glowing through Yoga Management

Our skin around the eyes is more sensitive as compared to the rest of our body parts , it can easily affected by the whether condition & any sort of stress on our body or mind. Sun expose specially during summers can also affect the skin around the eyes & cause dark circle. Certain medicine allergy and infections may also cause dark circles around eyes. Excessive stress & lack of sleep also leads to dark circles. Mal nutrition results cause nutritional deficiencies that also lead to dark circles.

Yoga practice help to get rid of of dark circle & provide you the skin with glow,it works by increasing the blood circulation to the face & removes the dark circles slowly. Yoga practice also help to remove your stress & better sleep for the curing of dark circles. Some yoga practice are recommended for dark circles as Asana , Pranayama & Meditation as follows :

Asanas :

The stability & feeling of well being are result of asanas. In short , means the posture which is comfortable & stable is an asana. Sarvangasana , Shirshasana , Paschimottanasana , dhanurasana , Bhujangasana , Ardhmatsyerndrasana , Gomukhasana , Pavan Muktaasana etc asanas can be pracised regularly for dark circle & skin glow. Among all asanas Shirshasana is considered to be king of all asanas because all asanas are substituted in this single asana. Shirshasana is excellent for treatment of dark circles. All asanas should be practiced during morning time empty stomach.
Pranayama :

It can be defined as a series of techniques which stimulate & increase the vital energy , ultimately bringing about perfect control over the flow of Prana within the body. Pranayamas for dark circles are Nadishodhan pranayama , Bhastrika pranayama , Bhramri pranayama , anlom-Vilom Pranayama , Seetali & Sheetkari pranayama ( specially during summer) & most important for dark circles is Kapalbhati pranayama , it is the excellent among all the pranayamas .

Meditation :

After practice of both Asanas & Pranayams sit for Meditation for 15 to 20 minutes . During the meditation keep your mind focus on the centre of your eyebrows & try to forget all thoughts & conflicts from your mind. Just relax your body & mind . Meditation will greatly helpful for the dark circles & those who practice it regularly their skin start glowing.

Above all you should also take care of your diet . Junk food , oily food , spicy food should be avoided & try not to eat the nonvegetarian food like red meat & eggs etc. Try to take simple & satvic food with high nutritotional values , take green vegetables & furits in your daily diet.


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