Reproductive Aspects of Mudras & Bands

According to Yoga the main aim of the yogic practices is to channelise the various bodily energies & their concession / utilization for energy upliftment. In this context to maintain sexual energy has to be channelized with the practice of Vajroli Mudra , Mahamudra , Mahabandh mudra etc. helps to channelized the sexual energy towards spiritual energy by diverting the flow of Parana from Ida & Ping la nadis towards Sushamna Nadi

These practices also help to improve the neural control of sexual Hormones & their utilization for preparation of “Ojas Dhatu” to provide new zeal & vigour to the body like a youth.In this way healthy condition of sexual organs is maintained & aging process is being checked. By the regular practice of Mudra & Bands many sexual diseases can be cured . In females infertility can be cured to a greater extent. By diverting the Prana towards the Shushamna nadi the yogic practitioner can gained the spiritual energy for the upliftment in the process of Meditation. The Mudras & Bands should be learnt from the trained yogic Guru.


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