Anulom Viloma Pranayama nourishes The Whole Body

Meaning : Loma means hair , the ‘vi’ denotes disjunction or negation. Viloma means anti-hair or against the natural order of things. According ro the hath Yoga Pradipika , shaloka 7, 8, 9 of chapter II, “Adapting the Padamasana the yogi should draw in breath through the Chandera(left nostril) & having retained it to capacity should exhale through the Surya(right nostril).Then he should again fill in the Thornie cavity by taking in breath through the Surya(right nostril) & exhale through the Chandra(left nostril) after performing the Kumbhaka in a systematic manner. Inhaling through that nostril by which he had exhaled & having retained the breath so long as it can be done without supplying the impulse to exhale, one should exhale by the other one slowly nerve rapidly”.

Detailed Technique : Sit in Padamasana or any re laxative sitting pose , fold your forefingers & the middle finger of the right hand towards the palm. Now thumb should remain towards the right nostril & ring finger & little finger should be towards the left nostril.

Closing the right nostril with the thumb inhale (prolonged) through the left nostril. After completing inhalation close the left nostril also with little & ring finger & hold the breath inside(Kumbhaka). After retention , keeping the left nostril closed with ring finger & little finger, exhale slowly trough right nostril.

After exhalation , inhale (prolonged) through the same nostril. After completing inhalation close both the nostrils & practice Kumbhaka. Retaining the breath according to the capacity exhale slowly through the left nostril (remaining ring finger & little finger from it). This complete one round of Anulom- Viloma with Kumbhaka.

Precautions : Do not retain the breath for longer than is comfortable. Proceed to the next ratio only when perfection is achieved in the proceeding stage.

Benefits of Anulom- Vilom Pranayama : It induces column & tranquility. All the pranic passages are cleared of blockages. The flow of Parana in the Ida & Ping la nadis is equalized. Blood system id purified of toxins.

Whole body is nourished by the extra supply of oxygen & carbondyoxide is efficiently expelled.
By purifying the brain cells , the brain centres are encouraged to work nearer the their optimum capacity.


sfauthor said…
Nice posting. Do you know about this edition of the Pradipika?

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