What is Meditation , A Self Study or The Search for The Infinite Within

Meditation(Dhayana) means absorption. It is the art of self-study , reflection, keen observation, or the search for the infinite within. It is the observation of physical processes of the body , study of mental states & profound contemplation. It means looking inwards to one’s innermost being. Dhayana is discovery of self.

Meditation(Dhayana) is like deep sleep, but with a difference . the serenity of deep sleep comes as a result of unconsciously forgetting one’s identity & individuality , where as meditation brings serenity which is alert & conscious throughout.

The Sadhaka remains a witness(saksi) to all activities. Chronological & psychological time have no existence in deep sleep or in total absorption. In sleep the body & the mind recovers from the wear & tear& feel fresh upon waking. In meditation the Sadhaka experiences illumination.

It is the full integration of the contemplates , the act of contemplation & object contemplated upon becoming one. The distinction between the know er, the the instrument of knowledge & the object known vanishes. The Sadhaka becomes vibrant, alert & poised. He becomes free from hunger, thirst, sleep & sex as well as from desire, anger, greed, infatuation, pride &envy. He is unassailable by the dualities of the body & mind & self. His vision reflects his true self like a well polished mirror. This Atam-Darshan, the reflection of soul.

The Lotus is symbolic of meditation. It symbolized purity. Its quiet beauty has given it a prime place in Indian religious thoughts. It is connected with most of Hindu deities & their seats in the chakras. The stage of meditation is like that of a Lotus & hiding its inner beauty while awaiting transformation into a full bloom Lotus. As the bud opens to reveal its resplendent beauty, so also the Sadhaka’s inner light is transformed & Transfigured by meditation. He becomes an enlightened soul & an inspired sage. He lives in the eternal now- the present, without yesterday & tomorrows.

The stage of the Sadhaka’s is one of passively known as manolaya(means meaning mind & Layla meaning absorption or merging). He has fully marshaled his intelligence & energy to prevent the in tension of external thoughts. His state is full of dynamic alertness. When both the internal & external thoughts are stilled & silenced, there is no waste of physical mental or intellectual energy.

Dhayana is subjective experience of an objective state. It is difficult to describe the experience in words, for words are inadequate to do so. The delight experienced at the first bite of delicious mango is indescribable. So it is with meditation. In meditation there is no seeking or searching , as the soul & goal have become one. The Nectar of infirmity must be tested, the abundant grace of the Lord within must be experienced. Then the individual soul (Jivatma) becomes one with the Universal soul(Parmatma). The Sadhaka experiences the fullness sung by the Upanishads ; That is full ; This is full. Fullness comes out of fullness. Even after fullness is taken from the full, fullness remains.


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