Awakening Vital centers of Energy , Surya Bhedi Pranayama

Meaning : The Sun lends energy to the entire solar system. This pranayam is performed through the right nostril & thereby solar energy is infused in all astral tubes & this flow of heat into the human body is ensured. Hence it should be performed only in the winter season.

It arouses that part of brain that is source of Pu rush Shakti(Seminal energy). The practice of this pranayam is instrumental in awakening of all the vital centers of energy. Maharishi Gherund described eight kinds of Kumbhak , out of which Surya Bhedi Pranayama is the second type.

Detailed technique : Sit in Padamasana keep the neck & spine erect , close the eyes gently.
Face should look cheerful. Grasp the left knee firmly with the left hand. Placing the two for fingers of the right hand in the root of the thumb , close the left nostril with right finger.

Inhale deeply through the right nostril so much so that its impact is felt from the toe of the top of the crown. Now close the right nostril with the thumb & retain the breath by practicing Internal Kumbhaka according to the capacity. While staying in Kumbhaka also apply the three Bandhs.

When uneasiness is felt in holding the breath , exhale very slowly through the left nostril & relax. Again inhale through the right nostril & perform Internal Kumbhaka & thereafter exhale slowly through the left nostril. To begin with , three rounds are enough . increase the rounds gradually.

Precautions to be taken : Never perform Kumbhaka beyond the capacity. This pranayama should neither be performed in summer nor by those who have excess bile(Pitt) in their system.

Persons suffering from high blood pressure should avoid this pranayama. Patients of heart & asthma should perform this pranayama without Kumbhaka.

Benefits of Surya Bhedi Pranayama : This heals up the ailment of throat , tongue & voice. It warms up the body. It cures many kinds of diseases caused by the humours of bile(Pitt) & wind(VAT) in our body. This destroys the intestinal worms , removes the impurities of blood & cures skin diseases.

Jathragni(Gastric fire) is augmented. This helpful in arousing the latent powers of a person & awakening the Kundalini shakti. This extremely beneficial in providing relief to person suffering from low blood pressure. This purifies the brain & improves the nervous system.


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