The Locked Lotus-Pose - Baddhpadamasana for Woman's Spine , Siddentary work

Meaning : Baddh means bound or locked up’ in Sanskrit. The limbs of the body , both arms & legs are firmly locked up & immobilized in the lotus posture so as to give steadiness. It is called Baddhpadamasana because both the hands & arms are locked up behind the back in the lotus pose.

Majority of us do our daily work either sitting on a chair or on a gaddi(like pillow). The weakens our physical condition. This asana is helpful in making our body fit & virile. The effectiveness of this asana is felt on the abdomen & the upper part of the body.

Technique : Sit in Padamasana , extend both of your hands & arms behind the back crossing each other & catch hold of the toes , left toe with right hand & right toe with the left hand. Keep the waist & neck erect. Breath in normal way.

Benefits of Baddhpadamasana : After delivery of children stretches appear on the belly of a woman. By the practice of this asana , these stretches disappear. It also helps in increasing the quantum of milk in their breasts.

Learn & thin persons become healthy. Hands , neck , shoulders & back become more supple & healthy. Blood circulation becomes normal. It cures diseases such as epilepsy , cough , asthma , fistula ,hernia , seminal disorders & sciatica etc.

This asana improves our digestion & helps to remove digestive disorders. It also helps to tone up the muscles of pelvic region & reproductive organs.


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