Cleanliness of Elementary Canal through Kunjal or Gajkarni varisar Dhauti

Meaning : Just as an elephant drinks water through its trunk & throws it out through the same route , even so a person drinks water through the mouth & vomits it out also through the mouth. It is called Kunjal or Gajkarni. This type of kriya has many benefits.

Detailed Technique : Sit on the heels just as sitting in toilet in the pose of Kagasan. Take six or seven glasses of fresh water continuously. In winter or in cool places , Luke warm water should be used instead of cold water. When it is felt that there is no more capacity to take water & it has filled up to throat.

Stand up bending a little forward , press the stomach with the left hand near the naval. Put the fore-fingers on the right hand into the tongue & press it from its the root. It will create an urge to vomit out the entire quantity of water from the stomach. At the end of kriya , wash the mouth, nose & hands with the water. Person with long practice can vomit out water with the help of Uddiyan bandh & therefore need not to take help of fingers to achieve the desired end.

Things to be remembered : Do not stand erect after drinking water. Stand with a slight bend in the back. While vomiting out no pressure should be resorted to. Nails should be cut before pressing the fingers into the mouth. Sharp nails are bound to bleeding the throat fro inside.

Do not pull out the fingers from the mouth so long as the whole quantity of water is not squeezed out. Do not scared if the whole quantity of water does not come out. Whatever water is left inside , will pass through the urine.

Persons who feel a kind of dryness in their throat after this kriya , can take a little fruit juice after some time. But others should not take anything for one hour after the kriya.

Benefits of Kunjal : It cleans the entire elementary canal from the throat to stomach. This kriya cures the ailment of weakness ,stomachache , diabetes , arthritis , ulcer , eczema , kidney , obesity , liver , gastric problem , dyspepsia , tonsils , acidity & foul smell of bad breath & perspiration. It also strengthens the trachea & bronchi.

This kriya makes a person active & arrests the tendency to sleep & lethargy. It helps to remove all kinds of foreign matters from the stomach. It cures the ailment of skin such as boils & allergy of the skin. This kriya is very useful for those who desire to get rid of undigested food.


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