The Cobra Pose - Bhujangasana beneficial for Cervical Spondylites

Meaning : This asana is called Bhujansana as the posture resembles a cobra. A serpents’ body is extremely flexible. Naturally this asana makes our body quite flexible. In cobra pose(Bhujangasana) we raise our neck & stretch it backward , blood flows towards that part. As a result of which , it imparts strength & flexibility to this part of the body.

Some ladies who suffer from cervical spondylitis were directed to practice only the cobra pose , were completely cured of this malady within a few days. Besides they also got rid of many menstrual disorders. Spine is one of most important organs of the body , it is an extension of the brain itself & it , therefore , tones up the functions of the brain also. This asana keeps the vertebrae in good alignment. It corrects minor deformities in the cervical , thoracic & lumber region of the spine. Perhaps no other asana benefits spine so much internally as the Bhujangasana.

Step By Step Technique : Lie down on the abdomen. Bring the heels & toes together & stretch them to the maximum from behind. Now bend the elbows & place the palms on either side of the chin. The gap between the palms may be equal to the gap between the shoulders.

Pull back the elbow as much as possible , touching the body & resting on the ground. The position of the arms should not change. The forehead should touch the ground. Inhaling , bring the chin forward & start raising the head as far as back as possible , so much so that it may touch the spine.

Now inhaling raise the chest & abdomen up to the naval. Breath normally & stay in this posture. While exhaling lower the trunk very slowly but not the head. When truck comes down completely , rest the forehead on the ground. Thereafter relax in Shithilasana.

Things to Remember : The most important point to be kept in mind here is that while attaining the final position the breath should be inhaled completely .

While raising the frontal part of the body , do it in two stages (a) bending the neck backward( b) raising the trunk. Similarly the return movement also should be in two stages (a) lowering of the trunk( b) bending the head & forehead towards the ground. Do not bend neck when lowering the trunk , keep the neck stretched backward.

While doing this asana there should be minimum weight on the palms but maximum pressure on the pelvic region. This way the asana gives the maximum benefit. While doing this asana there should be no gap between the heels & that the toes should also remain stretched.

Benefits of The cobra pose : It makes the backbone flexible. It cures such painful diseases as spondylitis , slipped disc & back pain in a few day’s time. It imparts strength to the root-nerve & tones up our nervous system. It regulates the function of the adrenal gland & thereby promotes emotional poise.

it is helpful in setting the position of the uterus. It also regulates the menstrual cycle as well as the incomplete menstruation. It cures tonsillitis & other ailments of the throat region. Owing to the stretch of the neck backward, it promotes the creation of the element of akasha(Ether) as well as increase the physical energy.


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