The Womb Embryo Pose - Garbhasana , an essential for Woman’s Health

Meaning : The posture of the child in its mother’s womb is somewhat like this. Hence it is known as Garbhasana. The health of a woman solely depend on the health of her uterus. This asana therefore is specially beneficial for women & young ladies. Most of woman’s problems are related with their uterus like menstrual disorder & hernia etc.

Detailed Technique : Sit in Padamasana. Bring the hands through the midst of thighs & calves & stretch them right up to the elbows. Maintain the balance on the buttocks. While exhaling , rest both of hands on the ears. When the position is stabilized , catch hold the neck. Stay on this posture according to the capacity & continue practicing this asana for a longer duration of time till maximum benefit is derived from it. Breathing should be normal.

Benefits of Garbhasana : Thighs , buttocks , calves & bas ti region become strong & well proportioned. All menstrual disorders & hernia are rectified by this asana. Persons suffering from ailments of Vat(wind) , Pitt(bile) & Cough(phlegm) are largely benefited by this asana. It also cures arthritis & gout etc.

This asana is very effective in dispelling disease like nervous debility , weaknesses of the liver & disorder of Sushumna Nadi. The movement of inhalation & exhalation slows down in this asana. Parana stabilises & it also helps concentration of mind.


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