The Eagle Pose - Garudasana beneficial for Trembling hands, Nervous System

Meaning : Garuda is a bird. When practicing this asana . one assumes the shape of Garuda. Hence it has been named as Garud asana. The Sanskrit word garuda means eagle. In Hindu mythology Garuda is known as the king of birds. He transports the God Vishnu (shown with a bow and arrow in the illustration to the left) and is said to be eager to help humanity fight against daemons.

Technique of Garud asana : Stand on your Asan. Raise the right leg in front , move it round the left leg like the curve of a rope. Likewise , take the right hand over the left & curve it round the left hand. Then join the palms of the two hands in front of the nose-exhaling , stay on in this posture according to your capacity. Press one thigh upon the other as much as you can. Repeat the same process with the other hand & foot. The practice of this asana in either direction should be done at least for one minute daily. There is no need of holding your breath for some days in the beginning.

Benefits of Garuda Asana : While standing there is perpendicular traction. In this asana the defects of the lower part of the back are removed , such as back –ache , slipped disc. It prevents the enlargement of testicles & hernia.

Trembling of hands is stopped & nervous system is strengthen. Fatigue caused by long walking & long standing is removed. It prevents the formation of tumour on the feet. All disorders connected with the anus & urinary region are rectified.


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