Pawanmuktasana , Expelling the foul gas of The Stomach

Meaning : Pawan means ‘wind’ and mukt means ‘release or removal’ in Sanskrit. One part of Pran is known as Apan which has a downward movement. By practicing this asana the wind i.e the extra gas in the abdomen passes out easily. Hence this asana is called Pawanmuktasana.

In this asana the colon is pressed so effectively that the entire foul gas is expelled by means of the compression of the abdomen. In case the foul gas is not expelled , it will cause flatulence (distention of the stomach or bowel with gas). If the gas moves upward , it will harm the heart & if it moves still upward , it is bound to cause headache. Hence this asana is both important.

Detailed technique : Lie down o the back & straighten the legs. Put together the heels & toes of both of the feet & stretch them forward. Stretch also the arms on respective side with palms turned down. Fold the right leg from the knee.

Interlock the fingers of both hands & inhaling place them on the right knee & press it on the abdomen. Stay in this position for a few movement. Now start exhaling.

Lift the head & try to touch the nose with bent knee. Inhale & bring the head back in the normal position. Relax the body. Repeat this practice wit left knee & thereafter with both knees. Return back & relax completely.

Things to Remember : First important point to be kept in mind here is that the toes should be kept stretched forward. Secondly do not forget to exhale when the nose is brought in touch with the bent knees. Moreover , the legs & the knees of the foot that remains stretched should in no case be loosened. Thirdly when both the knees in this asana are bent , the nose should be placed in between the knees. Squeeze the body to the maximum.

Benefits of Pawanmuktasana : It prevents the tendency to excess of fats on the abdomen. When foul gas is expelled one get rid of uneasiness. Abdomen feels a sense of relief & disorder of heart & lungs are alleviated.

When the right knee is pressed on the abdomen ascending colon is effected, when the left knee is pressed on the abdomen , the descending colon & sigmoid colon are effected, when both the knees are pressed on the abdomen , the naval region & transverse colon are effected.

It helps in curing the pain in the joints & the female diseases. Productive organs are strengthen & nocturnal emission stopped. By the pressure of the right knee on the abdomen & that of the left leg on the stomach , both the liver & spleen are effected respectively.

It strengthen the Apan Pran. When exhaling ,we raise our head & bring our nose in between the two knees & the lungs are pressed inside. It adds to their functional capacity & that of the mid-nauli.


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