How to increase Body Height through Yogasanas

Height plays an important role in each field of the life , specially in younger people of new generation. In Sports , Fashion & Modeling , Military services , Games like Wrestling all require good height , the person with good height are preferred in these fields. The new generation can make their body more elastic & increase their height if they practice yoga right from the beginning specially before 18 years.

You can make your Bones more elastic by the practice of certain asanas mentioned in yoga. These asana are tested by Yogis & produce results quickly if you practice them regularly & as well as take care of your daily diet. Here some asanas are prescribed for increasing the body height.

* Pachimottanasana : Pachim means ‘back’ or posterior or behind & Uttan means stretch out in Sanskrit. Pachimottan means stretching the posterior region of the body. Hence the name.

This is an extremely effective & beneficial asan among the most important & special category of asanas this asan occupies frontal place. It removes extra fatty tissues from the waist line. By practice of this asan spine become flexible , body become supple & the stiffness of the lumber region is considerably reduced.

Technique : Sit on asan. Joining the heels & toes together , stretch the legs forward. Inhaling ,raise the hands up towards the sky. Exhaling start bending forward from the lower part of the waist till the forehead touches the knees. Now rest on the knees & catch hold of the toes with hands. Normalizing breath & pulling the toes place the elbows on the ground. Stretching the back & forefeet forward. While inhaling , come back to the original position. Stay on in this pose according to the capacity. Keep the hands behind the waist & keeping the feet apart but relax. Relax completely.

The main thing to be noted in this asan is that the knees should not bend. Both back & the hands should remain stretched.

* Ustrasan(camel pose ) : This asan increases the height & flexibility of bones. Ustra means a Camel in Sanskrit. The body in this asan is similar to that of camel being curved. This posture is called Ustrasana. When busy in day to day work as a result the normal position of the spine is disturbed. This asan completely rectifies the deformity of the spine.

Technique : sit in Vajrasana posture & stand up on the knees. Keep apart the knees equal to the width of the shoulders. Both feet behind the back should be parallel to each other. Place the feet on the ground with soles upturned. Now bring both the hands on the waist in such a manner that thumbs may touch each on the spine. All the four fingers of the hands should point towards the naval. Inhaling slowly , bend the neck backward & when that bend is complete , take the hands off the waist & put them on the soles of the feet. Come back to the original position slowly & take rest in Vajrasana.

* Chakrasana ( The Wheel Pose) : Chakar means wheel in Sanskrit . in this posture the body is arched backward & resembles the wheel , hence the name. Elasticity of the spine helps to preserve the youth for a very long time. This asan helps to increase height & increase the memory power & reduces excessive fat from the body.

Technique : lie down on the back. Bring the heels near the buttocks by bending the legs & keep a little distance between the feet. Bending both of the hands under the shoulder ,place them in such a way that the palms should rest on the ground & the direction of the fingers should be towards the feet. Now inhaling & putting pressure on the hands & feet, lift the back , neck & head to the maximum. Normalize the breath & stay in this position for a while. Exhaling return slowly. Relax the body.

*Sasangasana(The Hare pose) : This asana increase the height.This asanas flexible backbone.This asanas reduce excess fat stored at stomach.The spine when brought parallel to the earth gets complete rest. Liver spleen & stomatch when pressed are activated. This asana is most effective in alleviating all types of anger & emotional instability.

Technique : Sit in vajrasana. Grip the heels by palm, with thumbs outside. Bend forward and place the forehead in between the knees, the vertex will touch the ground. Raise the buttock and roll forward till the arms are straight fully. Retain the position according to the capacity.

Ardha Chandrasana( Half Moon Pose ) : This asana flexible backbone. All organs of abdominal region like liver , spleen & pancreas etc. are activated. It cures back pain ,shoulder pain ,and hand pain.This asanas reduces excessive fat from the body &, this asanas increases height.

Technique : Inhaling take the left leg back-ward with the sole in vertical position keeping the waist downwards , chest stretched for ward , bend the neck as far as possible. Stand erect , feet close together . lift the arm upward , so that they touch corresponding ears .the legs and arms should be straight . inhale and stand up , stretching your arms over your head, as you strengthen your body. stretch your arms back ,arch your chest and hips and keep your feet together .full stretching your arms over your head, arch your back into full a curve as possible.

Padahastasana(Legs Hands Pose) : In this asana joints are mobilized & the brain is supplied with increased amount of blood & oxygen. This asana increases the height & memory power as well as reduces the extra fat from the body.

Technique : Stand erect . bring the heel closer together slowly. Now bring the arms forward from the front & bend your body down while exhaling breath & keeping the arms close to the ears. While bending go on stretching the arms towards the ground & place them on the left & right side of the feet, the forehead touching the knees which should remain straight. Note that the knees should not bend in any case in doing this asan.


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