How to tone Pelvic Region ? with Gorakhasana

Meaning : Shri Gorakhnath performed Yog sadhana while sitting in this asana. Hence this asana is called Gorakhasana. Among asanas this is considered to be best so far as to control of semen is concerned. It helps to strengthen the reproductive organs, leg muscles, relieves sciatica and prevents hernia. Improves concentration and digestion. Relaxes the mind. Suitable for meditation.

Detailed Technique : First fold the legs & sit while joining the heels & toes of both of the feet. Now catch hold of the feet with the hands with crossed fingers & while inhaling , place the heels in between the male organ & anus. The knees should touch the ground.

Taking breath in normal manner , stay on in this pose as long as possible. When this pose is perfected , try to sit on the heels. Keep both of hands on the knees in Gyan Mudra posture. During the final performance of this asana , keep the waist & neck absolutely erect. Stay on in this posture also to the capacity.

Benefits of Gorakhasana : Owing to its impact on reproductive glands , this asana is very effective in saving seminal energy. Nocturnal emissions & urinary disorders are eliminated. All female diseases like menstrual fluid & other disorders of menstruation & uterus are cured by this asana.

It removes the stiffness of buttocks , knees , calves & roots of the thighs. The organs of waist region are stretched. It prevents development of hernia, relieves sciatica, strengthens leg muscles and tones up the reproductive organs. It improves concentration and helps relax the mind. The lower region of the abdomen gets its due supply of blood. It best for practice of meditation.


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