How turmeric ? “A Health Protector”, new study Shows

Turmeric, an essential spice in Indian cuisine that also known for its medicinal properties. A new studies has revealed that this herb can spur human cell membranes behave for better health. In India & Asian countries it is being added to every vegetable & pulses cooked .

It is also used as a remedy to combat fever , cough , cold & antiseptic for wounds for thousands of years. It has many many medicinal properties including anti inflammatory , antioxidant & anti cancer agents.

The scientists’ team at Michigan University, led by Indian-origin researcher Ayyalusamy Ramamoorthy, who is a Professor of Biophysics has claimed that curcumin fights infection and promotes good health by inserting itself into cell membranes and making them more orderly. By entering blood cells, it helps improve cells' resistance to infection and malignancy.

Prof Ramamoorthy says, "The membrane goes from being crazy and floppy to being more disciplined and ordered, so that information flow through it can be controlled”.

"Probing high-resolution intermolecular interactions in the messy membrane environment has been a major challenge to commonly-used biophysical techniques," Ramamoorthy said in a statement.

Ramamoorthy said , the research group developed the two-dimensional solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance technique used to probe curcumin-membrane communication in this study.

Turmeric was always considered a magical herb in India, and has been used by traditional medicine systems like Ayurveda, Unani, and Siddha for treating wounds and infections. It has also been used in cosmetic preparations.

"We want to see how these various derivatives interact with the membrane, to see if the interactions are the same as observed. Such a study could lead to development of compounds to treat infection and other diseases," Ramamoorthy said.

The finding of Prof. Ramamoorty is published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society.


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