The Lion Pose - Simhasana for toning ENT Regions

Meaning : The lion is known as the king of the jungle. His roaring not only adds to his physical health but also makes his presence felt in the forest. It is in this way that usefulness of this asana is felt on our body. Hence is called Simhasana. In this majestic sitting pose the entire body & facial expressions are modified to invoke the great regal force in the Yogi. This asana depicts the fierceness of the lion which benefits those parts of the body where it is stretched & pulled. Simhasana is one of those asanas which adds glory to your face and you can easily see the difference.

Detailed technique : Facing the sun , sit in Vajrasana. Stretch the hands forward. Bring the palms closer to each other with fingers placed on the ground reversely. The body should rest on the knees . keep the throat & chest stretched outward.

Now open the mouth & stretch the tongue out so much as possible. While inhaling , start roaring like a lion. The roar should be so long as to influence the throat , chest , & abdomen. Roar should be repeated three times.

Return to the original position & message lightly the middle muscle of the throat & thereafter the left & right muscle(nadis) as well as the tonsils. Swallow the saliva & that will remove the irritation of the throat.

Benefits of Simhasana : This posture alleviate the ailments of tonsils , stammering & throat. This posture cures the sore throat problem & helpful in curing tightness of the jaw like teeth grinding , clenched jaws got some relief. This posture is useful for enhances the sharpness of the ears & promotes the healthiness of eyes , nose & ears & keep the lungs & food pipe absolutely clean.

This posture beautifies eyes and improves the facial appearance. It is nothing but a beauty aid to ladies. This posture helps to improve salivary secretions , which in turn , helps the digestion of food. Hence this exercise is recommended for those suffering from constipation. This posture tones up the respiratory system as well as the reproductive system of the body.

This posture can remove your wrinkles and can be stated as an anti-ageing yoga asana. We pay lot of attention to the other parts of our body and hardly take care of our face while performing the yoga asana.

This posture improves your voice quality. Suffering from neck or backache this asana can relieve you from this problem. This posture enhances our capacity of practicing the three bandhs , namely mool bandh , Uddiyan Bandh & Jalandhar Bandh.


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